I admit that I was skeptical about working with an energy healer but a trusted friend recommended it to me and…I’m thrilled that I did!  I was hoping to open my heart to feel more feelings consciously. Holly’s Emotion Code treatments have truly changed me in an incredibly positive way.  Before starting the treatments, I literally was unable to cry or be joyful.  After four sessions, I feel like I’ve become a full-fledged human being, able to experience a full range of emotions.  It’s quite amazing and I’m eternally grateful to Holly for opening my heart.     J.W., Massachusetts


I am extremely grateful to have found Holly and her life-changing work. Before working with Holly, my emotional state was very depressed. I found myself wanting to crawl back into bed after dropping off my kids at school and no longer had a desire to do anything. The upbeat attitude and joyful outlook on life that was normal for me for so many decades, had disappeared.  A series of losses- financial, death of a child, and finally, the loss of my health, had finally caught up to me and taken their toll. It’s like I was fighting so hard to survive the many traumas that by the time life felt stable again and like I could let my guard down, I realized I was completely energetically depleted and extremely sad. I didn’t know how I would ever find my way back to normalcy.

Right after my 1st of 5 sessions with Holly, I already felt amazing; it was like the clouds parted to reveal the sun that was behind them the whole time, and a heaviness lifted from me. I felt so happy, my spirit felt buoyant and joyful once again! That alone was a miracle to me. Over the next 4 sessions, my burdens continued to feel lifted and even a childlike, almost giddy spirit returned. My husband said he felt like I became a completely new person in the process – that I was almost unrecognizable in the best possible way. I was feeling so good from my sessions that I began to worry if the feeling would last. The tests came one after the other in the months following my sessions: news of a friend’s sudden passing, the anniversary of the death of my son, and an old injury flared up all in rapid succession. I thought for sure this series of challenges would de-rail my progress or dampen my spirit, but to the contrary, the overall positive emotional state remained steady! I am beyond pleased with my results and highly recommend Holly to everyone I know.

Stephanie Mullani, Idaho


I first heard of the Body Code from listening to a talk with Dr. Bradley Nelson.
I was fascinated with the result from this art of energy healing so I began to searching for a practitioner in my tristate area. After some research, I found Holly. I wanted to dismantle the “blocks” that kept me from moving forward. I believe this was the cause of my leg ache. I had 6 sessions and am very please with the results. My heart wall was dismantled and my trapped emotions were released.   Needless to say, my leg aches are gone. Holly has a true gift to heal .
Lisa A., R.I.


Wow Holly! Thank you!! …now I know that energetically another layer that I held on to and influenced a good majority of my life is gone….freed from another layer of bondage that I subconsciously held on to protect myself when all the while I didn’t need to do that. I am growing stronger and more authentic daily and I love it. I am the right track on becoming who I am meant to become!

Marcos M., FL


The changes that have transpired within me are nothing short of amazing! I hardly recognize myself today and that is a good thing! I am stronger, both physically and mentally, than ever and I also met someone via the universe! We have so much in common and feel very comfortable with each other. Another good thing is that I am now a non-smoker!! Holly helped me gently choose not to smoke and taught me how to handle the anxiety.

Never did I see this coming and that’s the best part- how removing my Heart Wall could open me to meeting someone who’s energy matches my own.

I don’t feel any anxiety and am just being and enjoying …I am observing a new kind of me coming out, and I like her! Not going to worry about what is next or have any expectations,  just “be” …how freeing is that?

Joy H., MA


Holly and her use of Body Code has changed my life. I know that is such a cliche to say, but it is true! For the past 6 years I have been searching for healing. Not only physical healing, but deep emotional healing. I come from a family with a long line of physical, emotional, and sexual abuse. As you could imagine, I had a lot of emotional baggage. I had been trying to get rid of this baggage for most of my life. I tried everything I knew of! I had gone to many types of counselors, psychologists, and gone through countless types of therapies. Then I was introduced to Holly.

My friend gave me Holly’s contact information in November 2016. My husband and I had been trying to conceive unsuccessfully for 6 months at that point. During this time, I continually had second thoughts about having a baby. I was afraid I would abuse the child the same as my family had me and the generations before me. I was very torn. I wanted to give my husband the child he so desired and that I desired as well. However, my fear was getting in the way. Holly started working with me and things started to change quickly. She was able to clear things that I had been working unsuccessfully to clear for years. I honestly couldn’t believe it! Thoughts that I had prior to our sessions would magically disappear. And the BEST part was, I did not have to relive the trauma with her. Unlike all of the therapies I had gone through, she did not want me to tell her about anything that had happened to me. THIS is what I had been looking for! I could even be at work while Holly was doing a session. The only side affect was a bit of fatigue. No tears and no trauma!

I can tell you this work is not a placebo effect.  After one session, I had not checked my email for a few days. I had missed that the session had even occurred. During this time, I had the thought that I would not be like my mother when I had a child. Later, I checked my email and saw Holly had reached out to me since I had not responded about my past session. I looked at the session notes and saw that she had removed an emotional allergy to my own children. I was so excited to just have more proof that this truly works.

As I said, Holly had been focusing on my fear of being a mother for two months. After our  last session I truly could feel the difference. Before our work, I would mentally command my ovaries and my husband’s sperm to stay away from each other. Yet, after our last session, I felt open and welcome to a baby. In fact, I DID get pregnant the day of our last session! Thanks to Holly’s help, I know I will be able to offer the truest love to my child. I know I will be the mom that my child will be proud of and want to emulate.

Christine Sherk, Phoenix, AZ


I had been having unexplained pain in my knee for some time. I had tried various things to help it, but it persisted. Finally I decided to try energy healing; I had nothing to lose. Holly did a Body Code session, and determined that the problem was with my meniscus. She identified several issues there, but mainly there were a number of emotions that were trapped in that area, and many of those had been passed down for generations. Holly released them all. I was not expecting an overnight change but literally the day after her session I realized I DIDN’T feel any pain in my knee. Funny because it took me until the afternoon to realize I was not feeling any pain at all! I could not believe it!! I could not be more glad that I turned to Holly and you can believe that I will be having her help me with a great deal of things in my life that I must work on. I could not give her a stronger endorsement.If you are like me and have tried everything, please reach out to Holly! She WILL help you!!

E.G.S., Boston, MA


After experiencing an amazing improvement in my eye issues, it is a great pleasure to endorse Holly and her expertise as a Body Code practitioner. I had a 50% vision loss in my left eye, due to glaucoma and the right eye had a 35% loss. Also, my eye pressure had gone very high. After thoroughly gathering all the information needed, Holly went to work and addressed the underlying issues associated with these situations. In 6 sessions of release, my eye pressure dropped 10 points into an acceptable range for the standard safe ophthalmology criteria. I had to wait a couple of months before my due date for the range of vision tests to see if I had further loss of vision due to the high pressure that originally spiked. The results of the tests were amazing, showing a marked improvement in range of vision … what had previously been a blacked-out area on the lower half of my left eye’s digital photos (indicating vision loss) was mostly clear with only a small loss remaining. The right eye has a similar improvement.

I cannot thank Holly enough for her potent healing technique with the Body Code and suggest that, if you are reading her website, there is no need for hesitation, you are in good hands.

Quantum thanks to you, Holly, from the bottom of my heart.

Diane Linn, Wisconsin


Holly’s work is absolutely amazing! The results were dramatic and rapid, I felt better almost immediately. I would highly recommend her! The Body Code work is some of the most powerful I’ve experienced and Holly is extremely masterful at it.

M.P.S., California


I would just like to let everyone know Holly has worked on me for several sessions using the Body Code energy healing. She is insightful, intuitive, caring, responsible and has been very accurate in what she has found and released from me. She operates in a very professional manner yet also leaves you feeling so comfortable with her so that you can relax in knowing you are in good hands. I live in a different country than Holly and I would just like to say that distance does not matter at all and I found the whole experience beneficial. I did have a few bad days while I was processing the emotions that Holly released, however that just proved to me how good she was because at the time I didn’t know she was releasing them. I can highly recommend Holly and if you have a session with her I don’t think you will be disappointed.
Gina Brainwood, Australia


For several years, I have been suffering from the pain of a marriage dissolution after 40 years of care, hared work, bearing and rearing 2 beautiful children. My psyche let in a good portion of anger, shame and sadness that I was not dealing with in a positive manner. The effects were accumulating and they eventually affected my overall health and emotional well being. Holly did work on my Heart Wall and the overall realignment of my psyche and body. Through her exceptional guidance, combined with my own willingness to move forward, we were able to arrive at very positive results. The majority of my stress has been relieved and I am managing my daily life with a new, clearer vision.  Thanks to Holly’s excellent work and intervention, I have benefitted immensely.  I highly recommend this method of work and healing.

Pamela S,  Connecticut


Hi Holly 😊
Just to send you an update and confirmation, you were right about the parasites!
Thank you so much for finding that for me and everything else you helped me with. I wouldn’t have done anything about the parasites if you hadn’t told me I had them! And all of my friends love how you’ve helped them too.
Many blessings!!
Siri R.,  Arizona

My dog had a lump on his back that my vet had advised me would need surgery to remove. Holly did a series of clearing sessions on him, and the lump would get noticeably smaller after each session. She was eventually able to get it to disappear completely, and he ended up not needing surgery. This was great because it saved money, time, and risk. My vet was wowed by his progress. I couldn’t be more grateful.

Holly also cleared my entire Heart Wall. Most of it had been built up from the time I’d spent struggling in my former job. Once her work was done, what happened next was incredible. In my current role, I had been basically going through the motions, just doing what I needed to do in order to perform the expectations of my job. But I started getting all these ideas to take me and my team above and beyond. They just flowed through me. I felt like I was on another level with how well I was performing. My supervisors must have agreed because they promoted me! Removing your Heart Wall is the best thing you can do to move on from the hold your past has on you that you may not even be aware of, and move forward into the greatness that you deserve. And there’s nobody better and more compassionate to do it than Holly.

Alex S., North Carolina