Our bodies are designed to be self-regulating and self-healing. Our reactions to negative events in our lives may cause energetic blockages in the flow of energy throughout the body, which can impede normal function and balance. Toxins, food intolerance, deficiencies, and physical trauma may also be sources of energetic blockages. This can cause or contribute to illness and discomfort, as well as such issues as emotional distress, reliving painful memories,  anxiousness, non-beneficial patterns, relationship or financial difficulties, and a general lower level of well being.

With your permission, I can remotely tap into your energy field. Using kinesiology  and intuitive questioning, I can identify and then “delete” these energetic blockages during the course of your sessions.

While I facilitate this energy work, you are the healer, and you are always in control. It is intended to support you and your own natural healing processes. This energy work is natural, respectful and supportive. It can uncover deep underlying causes of imbalance, but does not require you to reveal or relive past traumatic events. It can be used alone, or in conjunction with other healing modalities such as talk therapy, medical, chiropractic, physical therapy, acupuncture, Ayurvedic or Traditional Chinese Medicine. It is non-invasive, non-toxic and you may even experience  the “positive side effects” of improvements in several areas of life, because energetic blockages can cause distress on multiple levels.

I hope you enjoy looking through my web site; feel free to request any clarification you may need.  Please read the feedback from some of my clients. You can find suggestions for further information on the topic of energy healing  on the Reading page. To inquire about purchasing a session or to ask a question, email quantumbalancehealing@aol.com

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Disclaimer: I am not a licensed physician and the energy healing work provided on this web site is not to be considered as a substitute for medical care. This information is not intended as medical advice and should not be used for medical diagnosis or treatment. Information provided here should not be considered a replacement for consultation with a healthcare professional. Any questions or concerns about your health should be directed to your physician . Energy healing supports the body’s own natural healing abilities, and is a valuable complement to conventional medical care, not a substitute for it.