About Energy Healing

How does Energy Healing work?

Everything in the universe is made of energy, human beings included. Each of us obviously have a physical body with a mind and emotions, but we are made of more than just that. We also have an energy system through which life force energy circulates. It flows through channels called chakras and meridians, and throughout the energetic field, called the aura, which surrounds and permeates the body. Similar to the way healthy blood flow is necessary for the health of our bodies, disruptions in the flow of energy can cause problems on the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels. This can, in turn, cause problems on other tiers, such as with finances or relationships.

Energy healing works to release energy blockages to restore and enhance the normal, healthy flow of energy. This facilitates the body’s natural healing process and one’s ability to move forward in life.

As energy healing is not subject to the physical constraints of time and space, this works just as effectively at a distance as it does in person. I have included a list of contemporary books and articles about this concept on the Reading page.

What causes imbalances in the energy system?

Energetic imbalances can take many different forms. The Body Code identifies six main categories of disruption. They are:

  1. Energetic: the mental and emotional level, including the trapping of negative emotions, which also cause or contribute to problems in the other categories.
  2. Circuits and Systems: imbalances in the function of organs, glands, chakras and meridians.
  3. Toxicity: the presence of heavy metals, free radicals, chemicals and EMF radiation.
  4. Pathogens: infection caused by molds, viruses, bacteria and parasites
  5. Misalignments: imbalances of the bones, connective tissue, nerves and organs
  6. Nutrition & Lifestyle: nutrients, food, hydration, sleep and related issues

Virtually every health and wellness issue can be traced back to an imbalance in one or more of these areas at its core. This includes relationship, behavioral, financial and other problems.

Included in the Energetic category is the Heart Wall, which was discovered by Dr. Bradley Nelson. A Heart Wall is a mass of emotional energy that the subconscious mind constructs around the heart as a protective measure after experiencing deep hurt, grief, loss or heartache. Releasing the Heart Wall is one of the most important steps you can take in your overall healing.

How does a trapped emotion cause physical pain or illness?

A trapped emotion is an invisible ball of negative energy. It vibrates at the same frequency as the emotion.  It lodges somewhere in the physical body, causing body tissues in that area to resonate at the same negative vibrational frequency. This creates a blockage in the energy pathways. This disruption in the normal flow of energy can result in pain and other physical issues.

How can the source of an issue be identified?

With your permission, I am able to connect with your energy field and stand in as your proxy. Then, using a series of “Mind Maps” from The Body Code, intuitive questioning  and kinesiology, I communicate with your subconscious mind .  I identify areas of blockages, releasing them as I go along. In this manner, I peel away the layers of blockages to arrive at the underlying issues which your subconscious mind wants to have brought to the surface and released. There can be just a few layers or many, depending on the individual.

What happens during a session?

Once I’ve connected with your energetic field, I begin the session with an energy technique to help your system more easily receive the work. Then, using The Body Code, I test to see what your subconscious mind wants to have addressed in order of priority as to be most helpful to you. I release each blockage as it is identified. Sessions last approximately 45 minutes, depending on how much work your body can process at that time. Your subconscious mind will let me know when you have reached your limit by not answering any more questions.  I end the session with a technique to help you integrate the energy work. Finally, I disconnect from your energy system.

As I work remotely and by proxy, you do not need to do anything at the time of the session. Just be sure to hydrate well on that day and for a couple of days afterwards to help your body process the energy releases and rebalancing.

How long will it take for me to heal from my issue?

That is entirely up to your subconscious mind, your body, and the wisdom of the healing energy. Sometimes there is an instantaneous healing of a problem. For example, morning sickness can usually be cleared up quickly. With most issues, progress is made over the course of several sessions, as with any other healing modality. Once the energetic blockages  are released, your body’s own natural healing abilities are able to operate more smoothly. Healing is a process, and we heal in layers. The effects of energy healing are cumulative. Just as the problem wasn’t created overnight, healing from it often takes some time and attention.

In fact, it is our lack of attention (consciousness) which often causes the subconscious mind to manifest a problem in order to force us to acknowledge that there is something in our life which is not serving us. It can use the body as an instrument and pain as its signal to demand our conscious attention. The longer we ignore the subconscious, the nudges it gives us increase in severity until we are forced to stop and take notice. We may find ourselves with an illness, an injury, or we may experience financial or relationship problems. If we recognize the problem as the symptom of a deeper issue that requires attention, we can properly address it and move forward gracefully.

The beauty of this particular energy healing is that it easily identifies the underlying issues that  the subconscious mind is trying to bring to your attention. It removes the blockages at the root of the issue so that the body, mind and spirit can more easily and completely heal, and opens the way for you to take necessary action steps. Very often, clients see improvements in areas they hadn’t realized had any connection at all to the problem which originally prompted them to call.

How soon can I have my next session?

It can take a few days for you to fully process the releases that were done during your session. How each person responds is very individual and can even vary from session to session, depending on what was released. Sometimes people notice an immediate lessening of severity of their issue or just feel lighter. Sometimes people feel a bit tired, moody or “off” for a day or two afterwards. Listen to your body and give it the rest it needs as it adjusts to the rebalancing of energy, and please drink plenty of water.

It is important for you to let me know how you’re feeling in the days after each session so I can help you with processing if necessary, and so we can arrange the best timing for your next session.

Can children benefit from Energy Healing?

Yes. As with adults, energy healing can help children with physical, emotional, relationship and behavioral issues. Children are emotional sponges, and trapped emotions can affect them widely and deeply. Clearing a child’s Heart Wall can be very beneficial and can prevent negative issues from becoming life-long patterns.

Parents and guardians can schedule sessions for children age 17 and under. Children over age 17 need to give their consent to have energy healing done for them, unless they are not capable of doing so.

How does the Abundance Breakthrough Program work?

Although we may think that our conscious mind is responsible for what we create and attract into our lives, it is really the subconscious mind that is running the show. You may feel that you’re ready to find a job with more responsibility, to get out of debt, or to start a business. You may take steps toward your goal, but if your subconscious mind holds beliefs that are at odds with it, you are not likely to follow through and succeed. Furthermore, if you did succeed, your subconscious mind would probably find a way for you to sabotage yourself. We can only accomplish  and maintain goals which are in alignment with our subconscious beliefs.

Abundance Breakthrough sessions begin with an assessment of your goals and where you are now in relation to them. I will test to see how well aligned you are with your goals, and to what degree you are keeping yourself in a state of lack. I will work with you to identify negative beliefs that you hold in your subconscious mind, and their underlying causes. We will also identify positive beliefs which you are not in alignment with, which would be beneficial for you to have. We will find out why you have rejected these beneficial beliefs, and release the causes. One by one, we will delete the issues that have caused you to hold yourself back from aligning with your goals. This will empower you to begin to move toward your goals without all those invisible barriers holding you back.

The package consists of 5 sessions and include your evaluation and assessment, clearing sessions, and a re-evaluation. These sessions are partly done over the phone, so you can participate in the assessments.

Can Energy Healing be used for pets?

Yes. Animals experience emotions just as humans do, and trapped emotions can have profound effects on their health and behavior. Frequently, rescue animals suffer from  trauma and upheaval, but they are unable ask for help to overcome it. Pets also absorb negative emotions from their owners. With energy healing, it is possible to identify and release these issues, easing the animals’ distress and allowing them the chance to heal and adjust. It is very rewarding to help animals in this way.  Typically, animals have fewer underlying issues than humans, and clearing progresses more quickly.

Disclaimer: I am not a licensed physician and the energy healing work provided on this web site is not to be considered as a substitute for medical care. This information is not intended as medical advice and should not be used for medical diagnosis or treatment. Information provided here should not be considered a replacement for consultation with a healthcare professional. Any questions or concerns about your health should be directed to your physician . Energy healing supports the body’s own natural healing abilities, and is a valuable complement to, not a substitute for conventional medical care.